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Organic and conventional we have your mushroom needs covered. Some varieties available dried as well.

French Fries

We carry many trusted labels of fries here at Aloha produce such as, Lamb Weston, Simplot, Gold point, McCain, Brew city and many more.

Frying Oils

Here at Aloha produce we carry many different kinds of fryer oils ranging from creamy fryer shortening all the way to rice oil, so you have a extensive variety to choose from

Paper Goods/Nonfood Items

Aloha produce also carries everything you need outside of the kitchen. We carry products from bath tissue and paper towels to plastic spoons and to go boxes as well as trash can liners and food service gloves.

Fresh Vegetables

Here at Aloha Produce we carry an extremely large selection of fresh vegetables, from kale and spinach all the way to jalapeno and fresh tomatillo.

Fresh Herbs

We have a great selection of fresh herbs in stock on a daily basis. Such as fresh basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, dill and many more.

Value Added

Aloha Produce carry's pre packaged items for your convenience such as romaine hearts, cut romaine, coleslaw mix, green leaf crowns and ready to serve spring mix. 


Aloha produce is not only a full line produce supplier but we also carry a large variety of cheese, as well as specialty cheese's, milk and eggs.


Aloha Produce has many different options when it comes to fruit, providing a full line up of berries, citrus fruits and many different apple variety's as well as a large selection of specialty fruits.

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