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Aloha Produce!

Benefits of working with Aloha Produce of Central Oregon!

  • Active GMP Recall Program

We know your customer's safety is top priority. We bring in the most fresh and safest product from fields to your kitchen.

  • Customers are Not Just a Number

We appreciate the friendship and loyalty that we build with our customers, and deliver the quality product that we know you expect and rely on.

  • Custom Customer Order Guides

Speed up your ordering process by ordering only what you use. Filtering out the products you don't.

  • Same Night Orders

Have the confidence of knowing your order will be pulled the night of your delivery. Guaranteeing the most healthy and fresh products available.

  • Next Day Delivery

Place your order the night or previous day(s) before your expected delivery. Eliminate guessing what you might need and order what you know you need.

  • Three Day Product Guarantee

Ordered the wrong item or over ordered on an item? Don't worry! All products supplied by Aloha Produce of Central Oregon are delivered with a 3 day, credit or exchange policy (within reason)

  • Weekly Price Updates

Expect to know the prices of the products you're buying. No surprises on your delivery. Follow market updates on the products you're purchasing. "Upon Request"

  • Monthly/Weekly Hot Sheets

Save on foodservice items and produce added to our monthly/weekly hot sheets. Passing savings from our brokers, on to our valued customers.

  • Extensive Product Selection

Choose to buy products that fit your cooking style. Choose from a large selection of products stocked in our warehouse. If we don't stock it, WE CAN GET IT FOR YOU! And if you wish, begin stocking it for you as well.

  • Complimentary Cooler Rotation

We will rotate your new fresh product into your current inventory and correctly rotate your product for a first in first out rotation "UPON REQUEST"

  • Late Calls

Forget to order the night before? Forget to order an item for delivery? Don't stress out anymore, call us at Aloha Produce of Central Oregon and we will run you down the item(s) in a timely fashion.

  • Six day Fresh Freight

We get our fresh product in 6 days a week (Monday Thru  Saturday). The benefits of us getting 6 day freight for as a valued customer is that this ensures that Aloha Produce of Central Oregon is sending out only the most fresh and best quality produce possible daily!

  • School Districts

Aloha delivers fresh produce and food service items to Schools in Central Oregon. 

  • Ordering With Aloha

We try to make ordering with  Aloha as simple and easy as possible with our friendly sales representatives answering the phones from 3am to 3pm Monday thru Friday and until noon on Saturday, 24hr message service, 24hr fax, and our online ordering.

  • Security and Protocol

We follow written food security protocols and have an onsite Food Safety Regulator to ensure adherence. We provide each of our employees with training in Good Handling Practices (GHP) and each has a copy of our food safety protocols. Our employees are also trained to apply Individual Corrective Action & Notification (ICAN) protocol in the event of a food safety violation.

  • Our Written Protocols Include:

Receiving Product; Labeling and Traceability; Good Handling Practices; Proper Storage & Distribution; Individual Corrective Action & Notification; Transport Security; Emergency Recall of Products; Bioterrorism and Disaster Plans.

  • Website & Facebook

Interactive website with fabulous recipes to try as specials for your restaurant and promotions

Hours of Operation

Monday thru  Friday 2am to 4pm

Saturday 3am to 12pm

Sunday Closed

Answering Service for Orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Delivery schedule:

Bend: (Monday thru Saturday)                             Prineville: (Tuesday & Friday)

Redmond: (Monday thru Saturday)                    Sisters: Summer ( Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

                                                                                            Winter (Wednesday & Friday)

Culver: (Monday & Friday)                                 Sunriver: (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Madras: (Monday & Friday)                                Warm Springs: (Monday)

Delivery schedule is as of now. Changes may be made to customer's needs.